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Guest Publicado: martes, 25 de enero de 2022 03:45:31 a.m.(UTC)
Its no secret Google dcharge duty favors games that are not deserted Android kind but meet the expense of ers gone a good experience. If you analyze featured games, youll meage every have a perfect er interface and remarkable er experience.

You can bet that Google take effect wont feature a game that doesnt meet those standards. Thats why you obseion to spend some epoch on UX and . Pay special attention to maddening es ch as bugs, crashes, or lags. To make dtinct your and UX are upon par later than pplementary top-notch Android games, review th lead and th lt. You should along with check out Google pretend setting standards. There you will locate the best practices for improving addict experience and er interface of your mobile game.

If you see at the lt of top Google statute games, its secure to say yes that reviews and ratings put-on a big role in getting featured. Both are important becae theyre a direct addendum of addict satfaction. Pl, its a gnal to new ers that helps them determine whether to attempt the game or not. 72% of the apps upon Google accomplh have ratings. Whats even more important that more than 50% of featured games have at least 4.5 rating. ually, featured games have more than 50,000 downloads.

consequently create definite to incite ers to evaluation and rate your mobile game. However, not all reviews and ratings are potive. Generally, bad ratings will chase away both ers and Google from featuring your game. Luckily, there are some techniques you can e for improving game ratings and reviews.

The first event you should rule in the same way as in the game you should attempt to get a review. Asking for a review after they attain something in the game might put up to determined feedback. unual event you should accomplh respond to every reviews, good and bad. According to Appradar, the developers that get th acqre a +0.7 star layer in their ratings.

After youve managed to ccefully get other ers to install your game youll moreover compulon to keep as many newly acqred ers. Th becae er concentration then plays a role in getting featured on Google Play. Luckily, be an concern if youve followed every the previo steps weve lted.

Additionally, you can be in on keeping players engaged by tallying pplementary content regularly, updating the game, offering rewards for coming back, etc. You can in addition to e shove notifications to bring pport lapsed players. However, create clear not to be too phy, otherwe, you might get the oppote effect.