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If youre a developer, you mt have thought practically how good it would be to get your game featured upon Google Play. It something that can get your game therefore much more vibility and additional players. Pl, it would back with your overall mobile game promotion efforts.

But how get you attain it ? there some unspecified formula, a pretentione to inflection the algorithm or a lecture to extraction to Google enactment editors ? Well, not really. Nobody can guarantee your game will acqre featured upon Google Play. However, there are some gdelines you can follow to gnificantly increase those chances. In th article, Im going to run by every of them.

unorthodox bine you should do testing all the games that are featured on Google perform right now. Okay, maybe , but create definite to check out the top charts. Download and law a couple of them to look what makes them stand out. there something featured games have in common?

Analyze how those games are degned. examine how good the addict interface . the gameplay other nice? Also, locate out how much revenue the featured games are making. How many installs they got? What virtually the ratings ? Analyzing each game in th fashion can provide you critical inghts into what it takes to get your game featured upon Google Play.

For example, at the moment, The Trail a game thats featured on Google sham editors lt. It has more than 5 million installs and a 4.2 rating. The graphics are beautiful, and the game well degned. Pl, the gameplay certainly unique and engaging. Even while there no illion formula to acqre your game featured upon Google Play, the recommendation you combination upon your competitors will reduction you in the right direction.

Many developers out there still think, If I jt make a high-quality mobile game, it will eventually become cceful. Im sorry to dappoint you, but thats far afield from the truth. You can create the most perfect game, but if you dont publicize it, theres little unintentional it will become popular. Thats jt the realm of the mobile game indtry. consequently on the other hand of resting, embrace swap mobile game publicity strategies. Luckily, theres a lot you can accomplh to publicize your mobile game.

If youre an indie developer, you might dere to check out our lead on indie mobile game marketing. If youre into forward-thinking methods, check out our mobile game guerilla marketing tips. In order to acqre your game featured on Google Play, having a lot of ers helps. therefore foc upon paid addict acqtion strategies as well. That means handing out paid for your game on social networks when Facebook and Instagram, and ad networks past Google, Applovin, ironSource, etc. bearing in mind the number of installs increases, that gnifies to Google that gamers bearing in mind your game, and theres a fine unintentional youll get in on some of the lts.
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