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Obety can lead to many deases in the future, ch as slotxo diabetes, hyperlipidemia. Hypertenon Coronary heart dease As well as increase the rk of developing cancer in the future
Bedes diet, exerce and lifestyle adjtments Diet pills are another popular option for people who do not have time to exerce, but the dadvantage that it can cae rapid heartbeat, insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, addiction and return obety.
There now another option, a bcutaneo slimming pen. By ing it in conjunction with diet and exerce It was found to reduce weight in the experimental group by more than 10% or at least 5% and the bject's wat circumference by 8.2 cm during the first 2 months.
Obety an unpleasant thing for many people. Especially women Becae if you are overweight, you may lose your personality. Lack of confidence Some may ffer from depreion. Th why obese people try to find methods ch as taking a weight lo course. Slimming Injections to dsolve exce fat, lipoction, rgery to reduce belly and wat ze. Gastric bypa rgery Including the e of vario weight lo drugs, ch as brain hunger pills Drugs to inhibit fat-digesting enzymes, etc.

Slimming pen Helping people really are obese?
No one would think that A journalt on the show about the Gila monster, a chameleon native to southern America and can be found in deserts in many countries. Will be bitten until there hepatit Naea and vomiting led to the dcovery that Chameleon saliva contains Exendin-4 that has chemical properties milar to human GLP-1 or a group of gut hormones with hypoglycemic activity. In the beginning it was developed in the form of a drug for diabetics. Which has the ability to regulate blood gar levels without caing the gar to drop or flash Can reduce the accumulated gar or HbA1C in people who like to eat sweet often. And the weight of diabetic patients with obety decreased by at least 10%.
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